Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city was built on a man made island in the middle of the Arabian Desert. It is famous for its pristine beaches, unique culture, and modern way of life. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it is also one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Abu Dhabi is an ideal place to be for a holiday. The city has a tropical climate all year round. The temperature remains mild during the winter months, with daytime temperatures reaching up to forty-degreedegree Celsius. In summer, the heat can be bearable with daytime temperatures reaching thirty-degree Celsius.

If you wish to enjoy your time in this beautiful city, you will need to abide by certain principles of Abu Dhabi environment. This means that you should be kind to nature. Keep off the concrete where possible as the constant soaking of concrete can cause the water to turn green. You should try to keep the water flowing continuously as it helps in maintaining a healthy environment. If you are planning to relax on a fountain, make sure that there is not much of water in the area as the constant flow of water might damage the surrounding area.

Another important thing to note is that you should never walk barefoot on the sand. Even if you are just wearing sandals, you should keep the feet clean by removing the dust or mud. There is a great tradition of taking a walk around the beaches during the summer. However, the high-speed ocean currents may carry away some of the sand so please be careful. Do not walk directly on the water, as it can be dangerous. Try to avoid the risk of getting seasick too.

For people used to large cities, the dense buildings and traffic might be a little intimidating. There are a lot of parks in Abu Dhabi, where tourists can relax. Some of these parks are located within the hotels and some are located near the theme parks. For younger people, there are miniature golf courses that they can play all day without disturbing others.

Abu Dhabi has a great environmental track record. There are no huge trees being cut down here and no one is spraying any harmful chemicals onto the environment. If you are touring this region, you can see how people have adapted to the changing environment. There are a number of places where you can enjoy peace and quiet. This is because the city limits the size of most buildings which prevents people from having too much noise.

Another important point is that you should not bring any non-professional devices into the city. Glasses and mobile phones are strictly not allowed in any tourist areas. It is important for people to respect other cultures and traditions and follow them.

People are used to modern facilities. There is nothing wrong with modern amenities, but there is something wrong with remaining in the same old environment. Abu Dhabi has the largest construction site in the world. Therefore, you should come and see how this city has changed over the years. This will really amaze you and make your trip to the city worthwhile.

The Abu Dhabi environment is green. There are a number of greenery and areas that encourage people to take a walk around. If you take a walking tour, you can see the different environments and vegetation. This is the best way to see the different cultures. You should also make sure that you do not bring any electronic gadgets or cameras when you are out on your tour. Such items can damage the environment.

If you are a water lover, you should visit the waterfronts. This area has a lot of water and you will not find any polluted water here. The water is clean and safe for swimming and snorkeling. You can enjoy a romantic dinner by the water with your loved one.

Abu Dhabi is a modern city with friendly people. This is why tourism is one of the largest industries in this city. The capital city is called the Dubai. This means that the capital city is the largest in UAE. It is also a very important city in the whole Middle East.